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  1. List of offices with huge outstanding balances in IUT heads (30- 37.1)up to Recasting -II 2015-16 has been uploaded. Kindly submit the IUT wise detail of pending IUTs GH 31-37 for the FY 2015-16 immediately otherwise Account will not be accepted.
  2. List of offices who have not submitted their IUT 4 (Dr/Cr) statements up to Dec 2016 has also been uploaded. It is requested to submit the statements and get the pending amount cleared immediately. Letters to this effect have also been dispatched to delinquent offices. Kindly click on link given at top on login page (correspondence /pending data).
  3. Kindly reconcile trial and online difference up to March 2016 recasting -II. Difference sheet uploaded. Kindly check and jvs /statements to this effect may be sent to this office.
For complete details please contact on 9646112653 AO/broadsheet  or 9646830039.