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  1. It has been noticed that offices are not furnishing monthly IUT 4 (DR/CR) statements .In absence of these statements reconciliation of IUT 4 could not be carried out. Higher authorities have taken a serious notice of this lapse. All offices are requested to send the IUT statements from April 2017 to August 2017 immediately via email at mail address given below even if hard copy is supplied to this office otherwise matter will be reported to higher authorities.
  2. All AOs/SR XENs who have directly submitted the march supplementary account are hereby requested to send the duly signed no pendency certificate (already uploaded) immediately to this office by mail at mail id given below.
  3. Before Submitting the March Account, please ensure to append the following certificate.
  4. Download Certificate
For complete details please contact on 9646112653 AO/broadsheet  or 9646830039.