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  1. As per provisions contained in IUT manual and March instructions, the balances under IUT heads (GH 30-37.1) are required to be nil at the end of each financial year. But the final account up to March recasting –I/2019 and monthly account of current financial year posted reflect huge balances under these IUT heads of various offices. All offices are directed to clear all pending balances upto March Adj Account 2019 positively to avoid disciplinary action.
  2. All Accounting units are required to submit certificate regarding NO pendency of IUTs and U cheques to this office .
  3. All Accounting units are required to submit IUT-4 Dr and IUT -4 Cr to this office along with statement of pending IUTs at the end of each quarter.
  4. If U-Cheques received are reflected in current month due to any reason ,they can be rectified by this office by sending required details via email (Address given below).
  5. Certificate
For complete details please contact on
1. 9478169143
2. 9646112653 AO/Broadsheet.