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  1. As per Accounts Circular no. 14/2020 dated 13.10.2020 online Issue of IUT/ U cheques has been created in New online Accounting System/ JV Package and present 'U- Cheque Management System' has been dispensed with.
  2. Divisions kindly send their March trial by mail (avoid personal visit due to COVID-19). Consider following requirements:
    1. Trial including G.H. 28 to 47 to be sent (complete Trial not required)
    2. G.H. 28.943, G.H. 30.100 to 37.100 and G.H. 46.941 to 46.945 Dr./Cr. Fully tallied.
    3. G.H. 37.000 U cheque Summary 2019-20.
    4. IUT-4 Dr/Cr Statement.
    5. Certificate 2019-20.
  3. All Accounting units are required to submit IUT-4 Dr and IUT -4 Cr to this office along with statement of pending IUTs at the end of each quarter.
  4. Certificate
For complete details please contact on
1. 8872011389
2. 9646112653 AO/Broadsheet.